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The Mommyheads formed in 1987 in New York City. After some personnel changes and a relocation to San Francisco, the band (now featuring singer/guitarist Adam Elk, drummer Dan Fisherman and keyboardist/vocalist Michael Holt) hit its stride with cult classics like Flying Suit (1994) and Bingham’s Hole (1996), building a reputation as an electrifying live act through relentless US touring.

Eventually signing with Geffen Records and and entering the studio with legendary producer Don Was, it looked as if the band was ready to hit big. But when their major label debut was released in 1998, it failed to achieve commercial success and the band called it quits with a string of influential, critically hailed albums and successful tours performing with the likes of Guided By Voices, Cake and The Posies as its legacy.

Over the years, the band’s reputation continued to thrive and even grow. Their CDs continued to find an audience among indie rock fans. Popular alt-rock bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin claimed them as influences. Ardent Swedish fans loudly and persistently called for a comeback.

Slowly but surely, Elk began to realize that the band’s mission was not complete. They reunited and re-recorded older songs for the incredible 008 CD You’re Not A Dream, reissued Flying Suit, released the career retrospective Finest Specimens and embarked on their first two overseas tours, to the delight of their Scandinavian fans.

During these tours, their love for writing and performing returned. After welcoming spectacular bassist Jason McNair to the band, they entered the studio and recorded Delicate Friction, the band’s first album of all new material in more than a decade.

The new material showcases the band’s signature quirky pop and keen musicianship, but with newfound maturity and songwriting talent that grow with repeated listens. You’ll find influences from the best of power pop and indie rock with just a sprinkle of ‘70s prog, all with the unmistakeable stamp of The Mommyheads.



1987 – Magumbo Meat Pie 7” (Sit and Spin)
1988 – Antipop: NY Underground compilation (Fang)
1989 – Acorn (Fang)
1989 – “At The Mall” (Pulley 7”) (Simple Machines)
1991 – Live cassette (Fang)
1991 – Thirsty Ears compilation (Fang)
1992 – Coming Into Beauty (Simple Machines)
1992 – Swiss Army Knife cassette (Simple Machines)
1993 – “World Is Round”/“Remedy” 7” (Hairy/Simple Machines)
1993 – The Machines 1990-1993 compilation (Simple Machines)
1993 – They Came, They Played, They Blocked The Driveway compilation (WFMU)
1994 – Flying Suit (Dromedary)
1994 – “Time Bomb”/“Gnocci” 7” (Sonic Swirl)
1995 – Making Music Your Own 7” (You Say When)
1995 – Lemon Lime vol. 1 compilation (SpinArt)
1995 – Bingham’s Hole (Dot Dot Dash)
1996 – Listener Supported compilation (You Say When)
1996 – Come and Get It compilation (Hairy)
1996 – Greenlight Go compilation (Bottle Cap)
1996 – Eyesore: A Stab at The Residents compilation (Vaccination)
1997 – The Mommyheads (Geffen)
1998 – All Star Holiday compilation (Tarquin)
1998 – San Francisco: A Music City Compilation compilation (Trocadero)
2008 – You’re Not A Dream (Bladen County)
2010 – Flying Suit (remastered, w/additional tracks) (Dromedary)
2010 – Finest Specimens (Dromedary) [Dead Frog in Sweden]
2011 – Delicate Friction (Dromedary) [Dead Frog in Sweden]

Delicate Friction

Release date October 18, 2011
Delicate Friction - The Mommyheads

Finest Specimens

Release date Oct 19, 2010
Mommyheads Finest Specimens

Flying Suit

Release date May 18, 2010

Flying Suit Cover Art

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